Coffee Office

Ritual Roasters

Om Malik has posted an excellent article by Jackson West on how San Francisco coffee shops are the new Palo Alto garages when it comes to start-ups and web geek networking: “The New Office Space”

Forget Palo Alto garages — San Francisco coffee shops are where to get your startup off the ground. Internet cafes are emerging as an important place to get work done, hold meetings and network. Since writers, designers, developers and anyone else who can work from their laptop are going to show up, you can even recruit talent, publicize your project and even demo your product for potential users and investors.

Jackson even references me as blogger who gets BoingBoing’d and is a frequent denizen of the most excellent Ritual Coffee Roasters, which is located on Valencia near 21st. In fact I was just telling Matt how Barry and I worked on the recent Laughing Squid name server migration from that cafe. It’s nice to leave the office once in a while and interact with actual humans.