Cletus, An Adorable Little Dog With an Crooked Overbite, a Shuffling Gait and a Big Loving Heart

In early February 2017, Best Friends Animal Rescue introduced the world to a loving little chihuahua named Cletus who never let his crooked overbite and shuffling gait (due to fused joints) get in the way of making lots of friends and even finding his perfect humans.

Look beneath Cletus’s unique exterior, though, and you’ll see something else — his indomitable spirit and love of life. Cletus doesn’t worry about his disabilities. After all, there are just too many friends to make, walks to take and toys to chase. … Today Cletus is happy to be in a home where his differences are celebrated. …But most of all, Cletus is enjoying being a much-loved dog as part of a family, just like any other dog would. And just like other dogs, he’s one of a kind.

via Top 13