Classic Paintings Recreated Using the Faces of Modern Celebrities

Steve Carell by Fichtenbrenner
“Steve Carell”

Worth1000 ran a “Modern Renaissance” photo effects contest this past February that challenged their community members to recreate classic paintings using the faces of modern celebrities from movies and television shows. There were some really hilarious and impressive entries.

Honey Boo Boo Mama by HarryPeters
“Honey Boo Boo Mama”

Keanu by qwertyop

Robert Downey Jr. by Jacques Louis David by ghimm
“Robert Downey Jr. by Jacques Louis David”

Drew Barrymore by Shorra
“Drew Barrymore”

S.Sheldon Ren by netodark2012
“S.Sheldon Ren”

Doctor Alphonse Gregory by BrunoSousa
“Doctor Alphonse Gregory”

Angelina Jolie by BrunoSousa
“Angelina Jolie”