Protective Finger Covers For Eating Messy Snacks

Chip Fingers

The thing about eating potato chips is that you can’t eat just one. Unfortunately much of the grease and/or colored flavoring from those yummy snacks remains on your fingers and subsequently wiped on clothes, napkins or any other convenient absorbent material.

Steinbert Solutions has addressed this very issue with “Chip Fingers”, very clever protective finger covers to wear while eating messy chips, snacks or other finger foods. The finger covers are made of silicon and are available in four different colors – green, blue, purple and red.

For Chips, Popcorn, Pizza, Party food, Finger food, Appetizers and anything else that makes your fingers Cheesy, Greasy or Sticky. Designed to go on and off with ease, our unique shape fits comfortably on any size fingertip. Food-Grade Silicone is easy to clean, Dishwasher safe, and can be placed in boiling water to Disinfect.

Chip Fingers Purple

Blue Finger Covers

Red Finger Covers

via Mike Shouts

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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