Charles Gadeken’s Interactive LED Willow Tree Sculpture ‘Aurora’ is Coming to Palo Alto

“Aurora” is an interactive LED sculpture of a willow tree by artist Charles Gadeken. Originally displayed at the Burning Man festival, the 40,000-LED sculpture is now headed to Palo Alto, where it will be installed for one year at City Hall Plaza. Gadeken and a team of supporters are now raising funds on Kickstarter to finance the public installation. The sculpture goes on display on November 16, 2013. We previously posted about the sculpture back in February.

Aurora is a 21st Century “El Palo Alto” (the namesake tree for this city). She creates a place for people of all ages and all walks of life to gather, meet, talk and break down barriers through her unique combination of technology with sustainable energy and public art. The application of technology makes Aurora interactive and accessible. Anyone with a finger and web access can “paint” in light using Aurora as their canvas.

Aurora by Charles Gadeken

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips

Photo by Camaelon