A Confusing Audio Illusion of a Chanting Crowd Leads to a Number of Different Possible Phrases Being Heard


##BestSeatInTheHouse ##PerfectAsWeAre ##foryou ##fyp ##trend ##kegan Here’s another one!

? That Is Embarrassing – Derby County FC FanChants & DCFC Fans Songs

Kegan Stiles of Pennsylvania, who enjoys analyzing sound, posted audio of a chanting crowd. Understanding how this chant could be an audio illusion, Stiles also posited nine different ways that the chant could be heard. As a listener goes through the list, each phrase can be distinctly heard.

  • Bart Simpson bouncing
  • Rotating pirate ship
  • That isn’t my receipt
  • Lobsters in motion
  • That is embarrassing
  • Lactates in pharmacy
  • I’m chasing Martian
  • Baptism piracy
  • That isn’t mercy.

As it turns out, the correct answer is “That is embarrassing”. This was uttered by fans of Derby County FC in Derbyshire, England.

via Boing Boing