CEO Stands Behind Bullet-Resistant Glass as Employee Shoots at Him

Trent Kimball, CEO of the armored vehicle company Texas Armoring Corporation (TAC) in San Antonio, shows how he “stands behind his product” in this video where he asks one of his employees shoot at him with an AK-47 assault rifle as he crouches behind his company’s T7-level bullet-resistant glass.

In the early 1970s, Trent Kimball’s father had a dream. While working for the U.S. Government as a special agent and living in Latin America, he learned firsthand how armored vehicles can save lives and disarm would be terrorists, criminals, and kidnappers.

In short, his dream was to bring premium armored vehicles to the world’s elite and protect families across the globe—four decades and thousands of vehicles later, that dream has transformed into reality and lives on through his son.

Today, President and CEO Trent Kimball leads Texas Armoring Corporation and the company stands proudly as the market leader for manufacturing quality, lightweight armored cars, trucks, SUVs, and other specialty vehicles.

via Jalopnik