Celebrity JunkDrawers, Mosaic Celebrity Portraits Made From Their Junk

Amy (Sedaris) sent me a box of her craft book leftovers! Highlights include hundreds of Pom-pon’s, felt, pipe cleaners, crepe paper, clothes pins, gingham fabric from her outfits, 9 yarn covered hangers and a Ricola wrapper.

The Go-Go’s junk portrait! Highlights include Gina’s drumsticks, prescription bottles and gold teeth, Kathy’s easter eggs and credit cards, Belinda’s bracelets, Charlotte’s lip-gloss, and Jane’s Listerine, foot scrub, hair dye and Tampons!

Florence Henderson made out of her junk! cassette tape and silk flowers, show flyers, Brady Bunch script, key to the city, Brady Bunch matchbox car, potpourri heart, New York rhinestone pin & silver pumps, vintage pitch master, “looking great feeling great” VHS

Allee (Willis) gave me and Charles Phoenix a private tour of her storage unit and let me hand pick items to use on her portrait. I had a general idea for the color scheme so if i saw anything orange or green or exceptionally awesome I would hold it up, and if she had at least 2 of the item she would let me have it. Every single item on that portrait is pretty special but I particularly like the blue chip stamp collection for her skin. Also the green rubber hot dogs in the background.

Mosaic portrait artist Jason Mecier first caught my eye way back in 1995 when I was handed his Nancy Sinatra (done in pasta) portrait poster while exiting her Fillmore concert. Since then, that poster has proudly hung in all the various homes I’ve resided in, so I was especially pleased to see how his work has developed over the years. His most recent and wonderfully kitschy Celebrity JunkDrawers series uses the actual junk of celebrities and pop culture icons (that they gladly fork over) to create their portraits.

Thanks Ruby “Baby” Bennett!