CC Salon SF / Creative Commons Fundraising Campaign

Creative Commons Fundraising Campaign

The next CC Salon SF is tomorrow night (Wednesday, October 11th) at Shine in San Francisco. This is an extra special CC Salon SF because it is also the launch party for the annual Creative Commons Fundraising Campaign and features an awesome line-up consisting of David Pescovitz (Boing Boing, Make Magazine, Institute for the Future), Micki Krimmel (Revver, WorldChanging), Ryan Junell (Webzine, Sagan, SLOMO Video) and Evolution Control Committee.

This CC Salon marks the beginning of Creative Commons’ annual fundraising campaign, so don’t hesitate to bring your checkbook (or PayPal login info — we’ll have laptops on hand) to show your support for the work we do. This is your chance to donate a few bucks and be the first person on your block to get the brand new CC t-shirt design (which is super awesome). Donating to CC helps support the development of tools that help enable a participatory culture.

So come on out to Shine for CC Salon SF and while there, make sure to check out the amazing Flickr Photo Booth created by Brian Walsh. If you can’t make it tomorrow or are outside of the Bay Area, but still want to help out, you can support Creative Commons through an online donation.