Caterpillar Attempts to Destroy a Cat B15 Smartphone by Dropping It From 35 Feet and Then Running It Over

Construction equipment manufacturer Caterpillar attempts to destroy one of their B15 smartphones by dropping it 35 feet from a Cat MH3049 into a pool of water before retrieving it from the pool and running it over with a Cat 277D at Caterpillar Testing Facility EDLC127 in Edwards, Illinois. We previously wrote about five Caterpillar machines performing a giant game of Jenga at the same facility.

The Cat 277D, which weighs 4.6 tons, drove over 600 of the B15 smartphones spaced precisely to ensure each tread of the machine would line up with a column of them. After being run over, every single smartphone remained intact and operational — including the one added to the group that had been dropped from the Cat MH3049. More on the stunt, and the making of the video, is available on Caterpillar’s website.

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips