College Student Changes the Way He Usually Does Things in a Silly BuzzFeed Video Parody

For a class project, college student Jackson Pacheco took a cue from hopeful potential employer BuzzFeed and created a video in which he tried doing some things differently from what he usually for a week, mimicking their distinct style. This included his coffee routing, his eating patterns, going to the gym and going to the grocery, all of which he found to be a challenge.

It’s late I’m starving and I’m all out of groceries this would happen this week.
I don’t even know of a grocery store that’s different than one I usually go to. Okay so I finally found a different grocery store and it is not the same one I usually go to…I don’t understand, where are my groceries. …At this point I’ll admit I was pretty worried about the rest of the week. Not doing some of the same stuff I usually do was totally getting to me.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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