Burning Man 2007 Timelapse Videos

Peef created two timelapse videos at Burning Man 2007 shot from on top of the Black Rock Solar “Powertainer”. The first video is during the event and the second video is of the trip back home.

Here’s some background on the project from Peef.

I was originally asked by Tom Price to do this timelapse, and I thought it was an awesome idea. It’s been done before by the Folding-Time guys, but they didn’t set up this year. The images were captured by a Canon G3 mounted in a weatherproof housing of my own design up on a 20 foot pole next to the Powertainer. There were 18,486 images shot at 2272×1704 which is almost 4 megapixels each. Some of the full-size stills are stunning! The camera was controlled by a custom Daemon I wrote using the Gphoto library, which ran on the Powertainer’s Slackware linux system and the images were stored full-size on a hard drive. After the event, I ran another piece of code that downsampled the images to 640×480 then composed them at 30fps into a MPEG-4 video. My friend Tom Sepe added the Music and Titles for me and Voila! I hope to make a more portable rig for future use incorporating an embedded linux system and flash memory. Contact me for more information, to hire me for interesting geekery, or just to geek out.