BunnyJam 5

Operation Bunny Jam

photo by Scott Beale

BunnyJam 5: Adventures in BunnyHOPolis! takes place this Saturday, March 26th in Oakland.

Join the mass EGGsodus! Hop from HARE to absurdity! Tumble through the RABBIT hole and discover a congrEGGation of bunnies in BunnyHOPolis, an
EGGstrordinary city sprawling with EGGsistential questions: Will you take the red jellybean or the blue jellybean? Is BunnyHOPolis a physical state or
state of mind? HOPpiness itself? Or an EGGsercise in FURtility? Oh hippety hoppers of harebrained HOPpenings, HARE we go again!!!

Here are a few photos from the last Bunnyjam I went to in 2003. It was quite a hare raising experience.