Electrical Engineer Greg Leyh Is Raising Funds to Create the World’s Largest Tesla Coil

Electrical engineer Greg Leyh has a long history of building amazing Tesla Coils, some of which have been featured in Survival Research Labs shows and at Maker Faire. He is currently is working on bringing the world’s largest Tesla Coil to life and he’s nearly completed the project, but unfortunately, he lost his creative space at The Big Art Studios at American Steel in Oakland, California when the building was sold. Rather than look for another studio, Leyh is raising funds through Indiegogo to outfit a custom mobile trailer from which he can work to finish the coil.

The plan is to outfit a custom cargo trailer with all of the tower components, support gear, and a workshop. Since the tower itself is highly collapsible, the entire system can pack into a single 18ft trailer, with a custom 8ft 6in ceiling. …There are many desolate spots around the Bay Area that would make great test sites, but don’t have usable buildings or utilities. A self-contained mobile lab could roll in, set up, perform experiments, then roll out.

Trailer Design

SRL San Jose 2006 Setup (Thursday)

Dual Tesla Coils

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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