Build Make Hack Grow, An Animated Music Video & Anthem for DIY

Build. Make. Hack. Grow. is an inspirational animated music video that acts as an anthem for DIY, a San Francisco based online community for creative kids. The Build. Make. Hack. Grow. music video was directed by DIY co-founders Daren Rabinovitch and Isaiah Saxon and animated by VFX supervisor David Chontos and lead animator Lucas Ridley. We have previously written about DIY and their wonderful online creative community for kids.

This is the DIY Anthem. We made it ourselves at our San Francisco HQ.

This is our heroic vision for the power of practical skills. It’s also the reality on DIY today. Using our app and site, thousands of young Makers build, hack, and share. They do challenges, and earn Skill Patches. They inspire each other to level up.

Build. Make. Hack. Grow. - DIY Anthem Video

image via DIY on Tumblr

music by Little Wings and Jeremy Harris

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips

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