Brewster, Your Personalized Address Book


Created by Steve Greenwood and his team, Brewster is an iPhone app that connects with your social media sites and email to create a completely personalized address book. In the Bits section of The New York Times, Greenwood is quoted as saying, “It’s not a social service or a social network…It’s a communications app that is trying to understand the context around your relationships to help you maintain them.” Brewster’s initial release happened today and it is currently available as a free download at the iTunes store. Check out the full story at The New York Times.

Here’s a description of the app from Steve Greenwood from the Brewster blog:

Brewster is your personalized address book. It combines cutting-edge technology with the familiarity of the address book my parents kept in the kitchen. Completely private and secure, you can use Brewster to access everyone you know in a whole new way while permanently replacing the age-old A-to-Z contact list.

As a product, Brewster is just as dynamic as it is personal. It helps you quickly see who’s trending in your life or who you are losing touch with. It also allows you to search people by anything – name, city you’re in, even favorite band – with quick access to the people you contact most. Like magic, it connects all the dots as your relationships evolve.

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff