Botched Jesus Painting Restoration is Really a Bob Ross Self-Portrait

Bob Ross

Actually a self portrait

Over at, Calhaus has remixed the botched restoration of the 19th-century Spanish Fresco Jesus painting ‘Ecce Homo’ by putting it on the easel of late artist Bob Ross. blog humorously captioned it, “Actually a self portrait”. Earlier it was reported that a well-intentioned but amateur elderly woman had tried to restore the painting with unsuccessful results (video).

Ecce Homo

Three separate photos show the extent of the damage done by the unnamed woman to Elias Garcia Martinez’s work ‘Ecce Homo’

image via The Independent

On Facebook, Beverly Lomas has posted this funny image that shows Rowlf the Dog alongside ‘Ecce Homo’:


Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff