Bond, Service To Send Gifts & Personalized Notes From an iPhone


BOND is a recently launched service to “send gifts and handwritten notes—in seconds, right from your iPhone.” Founder and CEO Sonny Caberwal says, “I always have great intentions to send a gift or write a heartfelt letter, but they tend to get lost in the craziness of my day. Most e-commerce is focused on selling me products, but I needed a place that would help me follow through on those good intentions. So I created BOND to do just that.” To start using Bond on an iPhone, download the app at iTunes Store and then begin shopping for a gift. After choosing one, select its recipient from your list of contacts, and you then have the option to send a “handwritten” letter with the gift. The personalized note is typed out by you on your iPhone and then transcribed by their letter-writing robot. The gift is sent in a custom box along with the letter which is sealed with wax.

BOND makes giving fun again. The app lets you send handwritten note cards and cool, handsomely packaged gifts in just seconds, right from your iPhone.

It’s also convenient. Don’t have a contact’s mailing address? No problem- BOND does that legwork for you. The app also syncs with your calendar and contacts and sends you weekly reminders. From key meetings to birthdays and other milestones, you’ll never miss an opportunity to reach out, follow up, and make a lasting impression.

via Andy Ellwood