Boeing Reveals the Spacesuit Astronauts Will Wear Onboard the CST-100 Starliner Spacecraft

Boeing has revealed the Starliner Spacesuit that will be worn by astronauts onboard the CST-100 Starliner spacecraft when it takes off for low-Earth orbit in 2018. The suit is lighter and more comfortable compared to traditional spacesuit designs, and it includes features like a soft zippered helmet and touchscreen-friendly gloves.

The suit will come in “Boeing Blue” and was modeled by former NASA astronaut Chris Ferguson who now serves as director of Starliner Crew and Mission Systems for Boeing.

The Starliner spacesuit provides greater pressurized mobility and is about 40 percent lighter than previous suits. Its innovative layers will keep astronauts cooler as well. The touchscreen-friendly gloves allow astronauts to interact with the capsule’s tablets while the boots are breathable and slip resistant. Zippers in the torso area will make it easier for astronauts to comfortably transition from sitting to standing. In addition to protecting astronauts during launch and the return to Earth, the suit also helps connect astronauts to ground and space crews through the communications headset within the helmet.