Black Market Goods Brewery, Bomb Style Packaging For Fictional Beer

Los Angeles designer Marco Manansala painstakingly created these high-concept bomb-shaped beer bottles and corresponding packaging for a class project at Cal State Fullerton. His BMG-10 Imperial Porter bottle and packaging design has even caught the eye of the prestigious Design and Design website and will be included in their next book.

The project was to create a promotional beer packaging piece for a fictitious brewing company called, Black Market Goods. Because of the company name, the bottles were created to resemble illegal weapons sold in the black market. Each bottle took about 10 hrs to create due to the long drying times of the primer paint used for the body. Shiny yellow engine enamel was used on the removable fins, cap and on the base of the bottle to offset the matte color of the primer. Finally, a wooden box with a bracing system was designed and constructed to hold the bottles in place during transportation.

via Lovely Package

photos by Marco Manansala