Binging With Babish Recreates the Expensive and Decadent Eggs Woodhouse Recipe From ‘Archer’

Chef and filmmaker Andrew Rea continued his series Binging With Babish, which recreates recipes from film and television, by preparing the expensive and decadent Eggs Woodhouse recipe from Archer. The recipe uses ingredients like caviar, Pata Negra ham, and truffles to create a dish so rich Rea had a difficult time swallowing the first bite.

To balance out how opulent the dish is, Rea created the Eggs Woodhouse for Good campaign to raise money for the nonprofit group Hour Children.

Okay so I’m making this ultra-decadent, hyper-expensive treat known as Eggs Woodhouse, traditionally prepared for self-involved superspy Sterling Archer by his faithful butler, Woodhouse. It doesn’t feel right eating such an opulent dish on camera when so many families are without the most basic necessities and comforts this holiday season – so I want to use this opportunity to generate resources for an incredible nonprofit, Hour Children.

In the series, Rea has made such iconic film and television dishes as the “World’s Greatest Sandwich” from Spanglish, the “Moist Maker” from Friends, and the prison tomato sauce from Goodfellas.

Glen Tickle
Glen Tickle

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