Binging With Babish Recreates His Favorite Cocktails From His Favorite Films

In a spirited episode of the wonderful Binging with Babish series, the unseen host takes the audience on a tour of his favorite film cocktails through alcohol by recreating the iconic drinks from such films as The Big Lebowski (White Russian), Groundhog Day (Sweet Vermouth Rocks), Crazy Stupid Love (Old Fashioned),Thank You For Smoking (Mint Julep), Casino Royale (Gibson) and of course Casablanca (Champagne Cocktail).

Cocktails hold a special place in movies, television, and my heart. Whether it’s Bogie drinking away his problems in a nazi-occupied lounge or The Dude sucking caucasian out of his mustache, the cocktail represents an important milestone in the lexicon of human achievement: making booze taste better so we can get smashed faster.