Big Boy Campaign, A Fresh New Look at a 75 Year-Old Chain

The Big Boy Snuggie lets you transport his warmth and comfort anywhere you go, while sporting his snappy signature look.

Daily Affirmation iPhone App
Bob’s Daily Affirmation App provide you with encouragement and love throughout the day in Big Boy’s voice.

Specifically placed media buys allow us to shower people with comfort where they need it most.

TBWA Chiat Day art director, Mindy Benner, has posted images of what appears to be a new 360-degree advertising campaign for the restaurant chain, Big Boy. From a Big Boy Snuggie to an iPhone app that dishes out daily affirmations to bus stop ads outside of targeted locations (Planned Parenthood?!), this is a really comprehensive and creative new look at an old chain.

Big Boy Restaurants has been serving warm, comforting goodness since 1936. This campaign takes all of the comfort that Bob serves up in the restaurants everyday, and hits the streets – dishing out a little love wherever people might need it most.

I think I need a little Big Boy love, especially if it means a checkered snuggie, but could probably do without his secret sauce.

UPDATE: Mindy has updated her website to say that this was student spec work and not a real ad campaign.

photos by Mindy Benner

via Super Punch

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff