Betabrand’s Sock Insurance, Lose a Sock & They’ll Replace it


San Francisco-based clothing company Betabrand is now offering sock insurance. The deal: if you buy a pair of their socks and lose one from the pair (within a year’s time), they will replace it.

Here’s the rules:

Sock Insurance is valid up to one year after you purchase a pair of Betabrand Insured Socks.

We will replace up to two single socks per pair.

If you lose a sock, go to any Betabrand Insured Sock page to submit a claim, which basically involves you uploading a funny photo and sharing it on Facebook. Roll over the Submit A Claim button on your left to get started.

To get a policy, you need a Facebook account. You can still buy the socks without an account, of course, but we won’t be able to send you replacements.

To claim your replacement sock, you must upload a photo. We’ll then send you a beautiful new foot covering lickety-split.