Bellabeat LEAF, A Smart Adaptable Piece of Jewelry for Women That Tracks Stress, Activity, and Sleep

LEAF by Bellabeat, is a simple but smart piece of jewelry for women that can be worn as a clip, a pendant, or a bracelet and can track stress, movement and–when paired via Bluetooth with a soon-to-be released Bellabeat smartphone app–can also monitor reproductive health.

Bellabeat Leaf is a smart piece of jewelry that tracks women’s activity, sleep and nutrition together with the Bellabeat App. Leaf’s beautiful design and wood material, from which the Leaf is made, makes it comfortable to wear it as a necklace, brooch or bracelet. The Bellabeat Leaf is a product made for women by women that helps them track their health and feel beautiful as they wear it.

LEAF Pendant

LEAF and App

LEAF Pendant


images via Bellabeat

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips