Battery Share, An App for Friends to Track Each Other’s Mobile Device Battery Level

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Battery Share is a new iOS app by Terry Demco that lets friends track each other’s battery levels. Groups of friends can now see when someone is running low on power to send them a final update before losing contact. The app also features VoIP calling so friends can remind each other to charge their phone from directly within the app. Battery Share is available now in the App Store.

Battery Share warns you when your friend’s device has a low battery. The app also allows you to see the battery power level is of your friends device, plus, the app will display if their device is charging, or is in low-power mode. Notifications are customizable, you can select exactly who you’ll receive the notifications from. The app also includes Voice over IP calling capabilities, so you can also stay in touch with friends via the app.

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via Product Hunt, Ryan Hoover

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