Bar Camp 05 Photos

Bar Camp 05

Bar Camp 05 is now over. It was a huge success. I had a really great time there and met many interesting people. It’s amazing what can be organized in just one week. It really generated a buzz, in fact, “Barcamp” is currently the #1 search term on Technorati.

Here are my photos from this weekend:


Saturday (day)

Saturday (night)


Thanks to Andy Smith, Chris Messina, Eris Stassi and everyone who helped make this happen. A special thanks to our sponsors who made this a 100% free event (food, beer, t-shirts, connectivity, etc.) and to Ross Mayfield and Socialtext for providing such a great venue to have our event. We definitely need to do this again next year, if not sooner.

UPDATE: Ryan Singel wrote a great article on Bar Camp for Wired News that is now online: “Barring None, Geek Camp Rocks”