Bandai Namco’s Classic Tamagotchi Handheld Digital Pet Game Is Now Available for the Apple Watch

Tamagotchi Apple Watch screenshot Tamagotchi Apple Watch screenshot

Bandai Namco has recently released their classic Tamagotchi handheld digital pet game for the Apple Watch. They released the smartphone version of the game two years ago for iOS and Android. The Apple Watch adaptation of Tamagotchi Classic is available to purchase online from iTunes.

– Support for Apple Watch –
You can now check on your Tamagotchi’s status and take care of it on your Apple Watch.
– If your Tamagotchi calls for you, it will show up on your Apple Watch.
– Check your Tamagotchi’s status at a glance.
– Take care of your Tamagotchi’s needs directly from your Apple Watch, like sending it to the restroom or feeding it.

Tamagotchi Apple Watch screenshot

images via iTunes

via MTV News