Gorgeous Detailed Sculptures of Insects Meticulously Handcrafted Out of Bamboo

Japanese artist Noriyuki Saitoh has created a wonderful world of gorgeous insect sculptures including such specimens as butterflies, cicadas, mantes and giant damselflies, amongst other. Each sculpture is meticulously carved out of bamboo, a difficult task, with every intricate detail included in the wingspan, antennae and body shape.

(translated) Insects and others are created with approximately 1/1 scale (full size), but the presence of the work is greatly influenced by the place where detail (resolution) is set and how to control density. Because it is the eye of the person to appreciate, I feel that there is not much meaning even if I make details that can not be distinguished by the human eye. Rather, it seems that reality as a work is born if you thin out the elements and leave room to imagine.

via Lustik