Bakery Stencils Obama & Romney Onto Bread, ‘May the Best Loaf Win’

Custom Artisan Bread at Feel Good Bakery

Presidential Sour Rounds For Election 2012

Feel Good Bakery in Alameda, California (my favorite local bakery) has been baking stencilled images on to their bread dough, creating fabulously decorated loaves of bread. I’ve been by a few times and seen several variations of these custom loaves of bread. A few weeks ago, they were displaying an Oakland A’s triple levain loaf (which has now been replaced with a SF Giants triple levain loaf). Yesterday when I visited, they had several more on display, including Presidential Sour Rounds which feature the images of both 2012 U.S. presidential candidates, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. The sign underneath the bread loaves reads, “May the Best Loaf Win.”

Oakland A's Triple Levain Loaf

SF Giants Triple Levain Loaf

photos by Rusty Blazenhoff

Custom Artisan Bread at Feel Good Bakery