Bailey Junior, A Massive 1600 Pound Buffalo Turned Into Household Pet

Jim Sautner and his wife Linda have a very unusual family pet, a young 1600-pound buffalo named Bailey Junior. After their first pet buffalo Bailey Sr. died from a freak farm equipment accident, they trained this young buffalo (no relation to the first) to become the new family pet. Bailey Junior is over 6 feet tall and 8 feet long and apparently hits the bar with Jim and chugs down beer.

Linda discusses Jim’s ability to train “gentlebaffalo” in The Toronto Sun:

He really works well with animals and seems to have a special affinity for buffalo — he reads them very carefully and understands them very well. He is very consistent in his training and he doesn’t let them get away with anything, but he also is never harsh. He never strikes them.

Nathaniel Lippiett of ITN News visited the Sautner family in their Alberta, Canada home and filmed Bailey Junior riding shotgun in Jim’s modified convertible and hanging out as if he were the family dog.

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff