Baby, You’re an Arthropod!, Singing Zoologist’s Love Song To Our Exoskeletal, Segmented, and Jointed Apendage Friends

Let your stridulatings ring! So proclaims multiple award-winning musician, author, and educator “The Singing Zoologist,” Lucas Miller, in his latest science song offering, “Baby, You’re an Arthropod!.” A darling of the kidlet set (he boasts a loyal and passionate fan base of kids, parents, and teachers), Miller offers up loving, educational parodies of hits – in this case Katy Perry’s “Firework” – as well as his own originals teaching about the natural world. In this song, he marvels at the variety of arthropods around us, which make up about 3/4 of animals on our planet, including insects, arachnids, crustaceans, and millipedes.

His educational hits include the “Chimichanga Song” (in which we learn that Mr. Frog, the insectivore, likes bugs in *his* ‘changa), “Bluebonnet Time,” an homage Texans everywhere can relate to, “The Prairie Chicken Boogie,” and the infectious “The Anaconda La Bamba.”

“Let the people go, ‘gross, gross, gross,’ because without you we’d be toast, toast, toast!” Thank you, our arthropod friends. And thanks to The Singing Zoologist, we can possibly afford them some respect. But barring that, it’s fairly certain you will find it difficult to listen to Ms. Perry’s hit again without inserting the words to this song.


Dr. DNA and the Anaconda Invasion, a book by Lucas Miller


“Madam clownfish takes her rightful home–within the tentacles of an anemone…”


“You are the best singing zoologist in the WORLD!” –Reagan

photos via Lucas Miller

Maggie Duval
Maggie Duval