Rick Abruzzo has been involved in numerous fringe and culture jamming art events in his hometown of San Francisco, notably Urban Golf, Urban Iditarod, 9.8th Fighting Kite Brigade and the Cacophony Society.

Chap Olympiad at the SF Tweed Ride

This month’s Tweed Ride concluded with a match of wits and brawn amongst ladies and Gents, the Chap Olympiad! Events included: Umbrella Jousting! Cucumber Sandwich…

Pop-Up LEGO Zen Buddhist Temple

talapz, a very industrious gentleman and LEGO wizard, has created a pop-up version of the Kinkaku-ji Zen Buddist temple in Kyoto, Japan.

Spoon Drive for Pankabestia

Artist Spy Emerson is in desperate needs of wooden spoons for her new art project, Pankabestia, in NYC. SPOON DRIVE Oct 12th-Nov 12th Prizes are…

Scotty HAD an Office Job

Scotty Iseri posts likely the last episode of “Scotty Got an Office Job”, his hilarious video series that we’ve covered in the past. As it…

Free Hugs Prank: Deluxe Hugs $2.00

Mediocre Films, has some fun with the Free Hugs guy at a Los Angeles farmer’s market. Who wouldn’t want to pay for an upgraded hug?