Rick Abruzzo has been involved in numerous fringe and culture jamming art events in his hometown of San Francisco, notably Urban Golf, Urban Iditarod, 9.8th Fighting Kite Brigade and the Cacophony Society.

Girls Suck at Video Games

Stéphanie Mercier created this humorous animation “Girls Suck at Video Games” about the challenges working woman.

Doce Ballet

“Dolce Ballet”, is a delightful stop-motion animation using food by Maira and Lina Fridman.

BaconCamp San Francisco 2010

Do you add a little bacon to everything you eat? Are your friends blown away by your bacony-creations? Can you build a sculpture out of…

Cleanternet for a Cleaner and Safer Internet

Cleanternet.org is tongue-in-cheek site supporting European Commissioner Cecilia Malmström plans to introduce website blocking in Europe and save us from ourselves. via Metafilter

4 Chord Song by Axis of Awesome

Australian comedy group, Axis of Awesome, performed “Four Chord Song” at the 2009 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Now you know how to write a pop…

National High Five Day

Today is National High Five Day. The creators of this glorious holiday have made a music video to help spread the word. National High Five…