Australian Veterinarian Successfully Performs Brain Surgery on a Pet Goldfish

goldfish surgery 1

Veterinarian Dr. Tristan Rich of Australia’s Lort Smith Animal Hospital performed brain surgery on a pet goldfish named George who was suffering from a large tumor on his head. The ten-year-old fish was having trouble eating and getting around, which led his human¬†Pip Joyce to decide that surgery was the right option.

George was kept alive during the surgery by having a tube of water put in his mouth. He was first given a strong dose of anesthetic to knock him out, and then given a lesser dose to keep him under during surgery, and then was finally given clean water to recover. The surgery was a success, and after being given injections of long-term pain medication and antibiotics George has returned home and is expected to live another 20 years. The procedure reportedly cost Joyce $200 Australian dollars — about $180 in United States currency.

On Demand News has a report including interviews with Dr. Rich and Joyce.

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photos via Lort Smith Animal Hospital

via BBC News

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