Asobi, An Art Student Creates a Lightbulb Version of Newton’s Cradle

Japanese art student at Musashino Art University, Yasutoki Kariya, created the installation Asobi, a wonderful lightbulb version of Newton’s Cradle, the physics toy also known as the “Executive Ball Clicker.” Eleven computer programmed lights are used in this visualization of kinetic energy and it has been coined ‘Edison’s Cradle’. Notice that the glass bulbs do not actually touch, preventing them from breaking. Asobi is currently a nominee for the Mitsubishi Chemical Junior Designer Award 2012.

…the relay was programmed to do to create a “light bulb” collision light bulb was replaced with an iron ball collision of ball used in the experiment of the law of inertia, of light bulbs 11. Not originally supposed to look, to visualize the movement of energy, we attempted to produce impressive. That reproduces the sound of ‘Kachin’ should also occur in the event of a collision.

Lightbulb Newton's Cradle

The Experiments in Motion blog created this wonderful animated gif of Asobi in action.

Lightbulb Newton's Cradle


via Spoon and Tamago and Experiments in Motion