Ask Dr. Hal Show Returns In September

Ask Dr. Hal Show

The one and only Ask Dr. Hal Show returns to 12 Galaxies in San Francisco each Wednesday night starting September 13th.

From Hal Robins’ newsletter:

The present era of the Ask Dr. Hal! show will BEGIN AGAIN as it runs every Wednesday night– until we say otherwise. The popular entertainment, spawned in the dust-blown Nevada desert and for years a weekly feature at the quasi-legendary Odeon Bar (now one with Nineveh and Tyre), after its long and lonely solo flight through starless darkness will fold its wings and roost anew at its last known perch, 12 Galaxies in San Francisco’s colorful Mission District, where jostling crowds of unfulfilled, bleating “hipsters” blindly seek release, after the drawing of the Veil of Night, from the pain and predicament of being “human.”

After a fling with Mondays as its signature night, entrepeneur/ringmonster Chicken John, the Yeoman of the Showmen, has determined that we will tread the boards once more at mid-week in the cavernous but welcoming space of 12 Galaxies, 2565 Mission Street near 22nd. The award winning (in the Bay Guardian) show is guaranteed to amuse, entertain and educate in its time-tested manner. You’ll see old friends and experience new surprises. Like an old wine, some things just get better with age.

photo credit: Scott Beale (Dr. Hal at the 3/21/06 Ask Dr. Hal Show)
Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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