Ask Dr. Hal Ends Run at 12 Galaxies

Ask Dr. Hal (3-20-06)

Tomorrow night (Wednesday, February 28th) is the final installment of Ask Dr. Hal at 12 Galaxies. Of course this is not to be confused with the previous last Ask Dr. Hal at 12 Galaxies that took place a year ago, but at least this is last one for now until Chicken John decides that it’s no longer the last one.

From Hal’s newsletter:

Only one more Ask Dr. Hal! show remains, set for the last day of February, 2007. This is the last chance for those who have been prevented, by one impediment or another, from attending and experiencing this entertainment in a venue named by Playboy online as one of the nation’s top ten rock clubs, an entertainment which has pioneered a new form of theatrical expression and interactive comedic interchange. Failing this, these unfortunates are doomed to wander in eternal incomprehension, forced to listen to their more fortunate fellows expound at great length on the memorable, life-changing experiences they encountered at 12 Galaxies. Kind of like Burning Man in that regard– yes, in all fairness, the comparison needs to be made.

photo credit: Scott Beale
Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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