Artist Imagines What Paris Might Look Like If Advertisements Were Replaced With Beautiful Classical Paintings

OMG Who Stole My Ads Endymion
George Frederick Watts – Endymion

In their series OMG who stole my ads?, artist Etienne Lavie has taken photos of Paris with advertisements in the background and replaced said ads with classical paintings from the likes of Pierre-Auguste Renoir and Camille Corot.

OMG Who Stole My Ads Mortefontaine
Camille Corot – Recollections of Mortefontaine

OMG Who Stole My Ads Immaculate Conception
Anton Raphael Mengs – Immaculate Conception

OMG Who Stole My Ads Madamme de Florian
Giovanni Boldini – Portrait of Marthe de Florian

OMG Who Stole My Ads La Lecture
Pierre-Auguste Renoir – La Lecture