Art Wars, Famous Artists Redesign ‘Star Wars’ Stormtrooper Helmets

Campbell’s Condensed Trooper Spray by Mr. Brainwash

Campbell’s Condensed Trooper Spray” by Mr. Brainwash

Art Below founder Ben Moore has teamed up with Andrew Ainsworth, creator of the Stormtrooper, to create the Art Wars art exhibit. It features redesigns of the classic Star Wars Stormtrooper helmet made by famous artists, including Mr. Brainwash, Damien Hirst, and others. Art Wars is currently on display at Regent’s Park in London as part of the Frieze art fair running from Thursday, October 17, 2013 to Sunday, October 20th.

Spot Painted Art Wars Stormtrooper Helmet by Damien Hirst

Spot Painted Art Wars Stormtrooper Helmet” by Damien Hirst

Trooper Rod by Inkie

Trooper Rod” by Inkie

Haitian Witch Doctor by David Bailey

Haitian Witch Doctor” by David Bailey

images via Trendland

via Trendland

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