Aqua Teen Hunger Force Promo Causes Boston Panic

Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Yesterday a marketing campaign for Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim show “Aqua Teen Hunger Force” caused a massive panic in Boston, when LED signs of Ignignot and Err (Mooninite Marauders characters from the show) were mistaken as explosive devices. Boston authorities overreacted and shut down half of the city and the Adult Swim art was subsequently detonated by Boston police.

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Osama Team Hunger Force

Last month I came across one of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force promos while driving around Los Angeles.

UPDATE 1: Boston police have arrested Peter Berdovsky and Sean Stevens, the artists who were hired by Turner Broadcasting to install the promotional artwork.

UPDATE 2: Turner Broadcasting has issued an apology regarding the controversial marking campaign.

UPDATE 3: The LED signs had been previously installed in 10 other cities without incident, including San Francisco. So why did Boston freak out like it did?

UPDATE 4: littlestarletta who is LMAO about this situation on LiveJournal, found this great 1-31-07 memorial image.

Never Forget

UPDATE 5: Here’s Peter and Sean (aka GlitchCrew) installing the LED devices in Boston.

UPDATE 6: Peter Berdovsky and Sean Stevens have apologized for scaring Boston.

photo by Todd Vanderlin & “1-1-07 Never Forget” image by littlestarletta