Apple’s New, Super Sleek Keyboards (USB & Bluetooth)

New Apple Keyboard

At the August 7th Apple media event at their headquarters, Steve Jobs announced two new, super sleek keyboards with an anodized aluminum enclosure. One is a wired, full keyboard with two USB 2.0 ports (the same version that ships with the new iMacs) and the other a Bluetooth wireless, compact keyboard.

I ordered the full USB 2.0 model, which just arrived and it’s really nice. The keys have a really great, crisp feel to them, much like using the keyboard on a MacBook. Ergonomically, it feels much better to me than previous Apple keyboards, plus its slim form factor and low-rise keys should make it much easier to keep clean.

You’ll need to run Software Update to get the new Apple Keyboard Update which will enable the functionality of the keyboard’s special function keys.

photo credit: Scott Beale