Another Hole In The Head 2012: Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy Film Festival

SF Indiefest presents the 9th annual Another Hole In The Head film festival, a showcase of international independent horror, sci-fi, and fantasy films, November 28 to December 9, 2012 (video). Tickets are available online.

You will be soul-sickened and morbidly offended as you watch murderous maniacs, evil ghosts, Nazis in space, a werewolf President, and zombies galore! 28 features and 26 shorts from here and abroad screened at four venues in the Mission and SOMA. If you’re truly hard core about horror, if you’re a dork for dark fantasy, or if you’re a freak for crazy sci-fi, then you can’t miss ANOTHER HOLE IN THE HEAD #9

Another Hole In The Head film festival

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image and video via SF Indiefest SF Indiefest

E.D.W. Lynch
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