Animalist, A New Website That Focuses on Animal-Centric Media

San Francisco-based Animalist is described as “the first generation of animal-centric, digital programming to explore the primal connection between humans and animals through content as ferocious and innocent as the animals themselves.” It is part of the Discovery Digital Network. We previously wrote about Lil BUB’s Big SHOW which was one of the first programs to debut on Animalist.

Animalist is the place to let your inner animal run wild! A place to feel confident as an animal lover, to join and celebrate with fellow community members, all passionate about the species and creatures around us no matter shape or size. It’s a place where humans and animals observe each other as we question and explore exactly what that connection means. (HUMAN: “What are you thinking?” ANIMAL: “Are you my dinner?”)

As the next generation of animal-related media, Animalist content defines this evolving space by using authentic voices to create personality and character-driven programming. We build and support the communities that follow, inspired by the connections they feel between each other and those between people and animals. This is their place – and its where they thrive.

Animalist content is as diverse as the animals themselves: at times cute and cuddly, at times ferocious and fascinating, often funny and viral. We’re serving the 18-34 audience exactly what they crave from their digital content: a robust offering of formats and concepts they’ve never even imagined. This network will entertain, educate and excite a new audience of animal fans, themselves known as Animalists!


via Ryan Vance