Andy Griffith (1926-2012), Actor and Comedian

Actor Andy Griffith died today at age 86. He is best known now for his eponymous TV show of the 1960s and for playing the lead in the legal drama Matlock when he was in his 60’s. But Griffith started out as a standup comedian and this monologue about a country fella watching a college football game was the routine that made him famous and led to everything else. This video combines a 1953 performance of the story with illustrations by George Woodbridge from a version for Mad Magazine in 1958. There’s also an original short film that recreates the routine.

Andy Griffith 1955 (at the age of 29)

In a very different turn from his television work, Griffith starred as the manipulative Larry “Lonesome” Rhodes in the film A Face in the Crowd, one of the great critiques of the power of mass media. Here’s a clip: