An Orchestra of Lights Creates Eerie Sounds in a New Performance Installation by Quiet Ensemble

Italian sound designers Fabio Di Salvo and Bernardo Vercelli of Quiet Ensemble (previously) transform light into sound in their fascinating performance installation entitled The Enlightenment. The duo used copper coils and sensors to translate the electric current powering each light into sound. The 91 lights in the installation were divided up like an orchestra, with neon lights serving as violins, strobes acting as drums, and theatrical lights serving as clarinets. The installation is experienced as a live performance, in which Di Salvo and Vercelli selectively “play” the lights. The Enlightenment was displayed at the roBOt Festival in Bologna, Italy, in October 2014.

Enlightenment Sound and Light Installation by Quiet Ensemble

photo via Quiet Ensemble

via The Creators Project