An Illuminating Set of Flat LED Lighting Brilliantly Designed as Classic 3-Dimensional Tabletop Lamps

Tel Aviv-based Studio Cheha, known for their unusual lighting designs are currently raising funds through Kickstarter in order to bring their new set of optical illusion LED lights designed as 3-dimensional tabletop and desk lamps to market.

Meet ZIGGi, DESKi and CLASSi! The three newest members of our original lighting family. This series, designer Nir Chehanowski, has chosen to rekindle his designs, offering bigger and brighter optical illusion lamps that aim to alter your perception of space and form by using 3D shapes as the basis of his 2D designs. …Each flat LED “by BULBING” lamp is made from a thick and strong sheet of acrylic glass that has been etched with dozens of intricate lines. We are able to create a sense of dimensionality, as LED light travels through the lines illuminating the design and creating a powerful optical illusion. New features include bright LED light with a lifespan of 50,000 hours, a warm glow, and dimmer.

All 3






Deski Wallpaper

images via Studio Cheha

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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