An Argument for How and Why Millennials Ruin Everything

PBS Idea Channel host Mike Rugnetta gives an argument for how and why millennials ruin everything. His video also explains the concept of generations, and mentions a video in which Adam Conover explains why the idea of generations is a fallacy.

For the sake of the argument, Rugnetta accepts the idea of generations and proposes that many of the behaviors millennials are criticized for are a conscious effort to carve out room in society to establish their own accomplishments.

Boiling down an entire GENERATION of people into one neat little set of descriptors or pinning upon them the responsibility for the failure of some industry or fast food item is ABSURD. But either way, it happens. And in our current clickbait dystopia, it happens to millennials … a lot. Maybe because, since we’re narcissistic, we’re obsessed with what people are saying about us so we’ll click on whatever calls us out. And because, as we work through our hit list of industries, olds wanna know what segment of the capitalist utopia we’re gunning for next. Today, we’re going to accept this silly premise… that millennials are lazy ruiners of things who never want to grow up. And we’re going to talk–on the complainers own terms–about why that may be the case. And to do that: we’re gonna talk about HOW GENERATIONS WORK so we can once and for all find the answer to, “WHY HAVE MILLENNIALS RUINED EVERYTHING?”