American Robot Builders MegaBots Inc. Publicly Challenge Japan to a Giant Robot Duel

MegaBots Inc. founders Gui Cavalcanti and Matt Oehrlein have publicly challenged Japanese robot makers Suidobashi Heavy Industries to a giant robot duel on behalf of America.

MegaBots recently completed construction on their Mark II giant fighting robot, which we’ve previously shown destroying a car with massive paintballs, but Suidobashi Heavy Industries beat them to the punch by finishing their own giant fighting robot called Kuratas.

Cavalcanti and Oehrlein have challenged Suidobashi to pick a venue for the fight for one year from June 30, 2015, which they say will give both teams time to modify their fighters for the challenge. So far there appears to be no response on the Suidobashi YouTube channel.

via Geeks are Sexy