Alarm Clock Stuck Inside of a Wall Has Been Going Off Every Day for 13 Years

Ross Township, Pennsylvania homeowner Jerry Lynn used a string to lower an alarm clock down through the wall of their home 13 years ago to help run wires from the second floor down to his first-floor living room area. The string broke during the project and the alarm clock dropped down inside of the wall.

During their interview with CBS Pittsburgh, Jim and his wife Sylvia mentioned that the clock has been going off every single day since.

Jim says he dropped the clock, tied to a string, through an air vent. Set to go off ten minutes later, it would let him know where to punch a hole in the living room wall to pass a wire through for a TV hookup.

“As I was laying it down, all of a sudden I heard it go ‘thunk!’ as it came loose,” he said. “I thought, well, that’s not a real problem. You know it’s still going to go off. And it did.”

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